How to take care of your breasts naturally and beat the cancer monster

By Kerubo Lornah


Breasts are very vital organs in a human body. God created them for a reason. Both men and women have breasts.
For women, the organ symbolizes so much: they are organs that enables the woman to feed her young one- it is also a symbol of femininity and sex appeal.
Sadly, this organ is associated with cancer and death!
We have different types of cancers that can attack a woman’s body but the most type of cancer in women is found in the mammary glands.
According to research, one out eleven women in developed countries will have cancer at some point in their life.
Cancer is a great enemy to women today ….but there is good news that one can naturally take care of this vital organ.

Caring for the breasts:

  • Do not wear a tight or padded bra- a bra should be used just to support and not constrict the breasts. Tight and padded bras are capable of restricting blood circulation and this will lead to weakening breast tissues.

  • Avoid excessive exposure of the breasts to sunlight

  • Avoid moisture under the breasts- moisture caused by perspiration can lead to fungal and bacterial growth in the breast areas especially among diabetic women. This can be achieved through putting on an appropriate bra or eliminate sweat using a gauze or cotton cloth.

  • Follow a diet low in animal fat. Animal fat is the great enemy to the wellbeing of the breast. Animal fat lead to cancer and can also result in fibrocystic breast disease.

  • Avoid coffee- empirical data shows that, caffeine promotes breast pain and worsens fibrocystic breast disease.

  • Stop the sagging of the breasts through not exposing the breast to too much sunlight, exercise more often, avoid obesity, maintain good posture when walking, do not smoke, and apply warm compresses on the breast with seawater or medicinal herbs.

Natural treatments for the breasts:

1. Apply warm and cold compresses: warm compress has a mild anti-inflammatory effect. It has been known as a pain relief in fibrocystic disease. Cold compresses is recommended when one wants to deal with sagging of the breasts.
According to Dr. George D. Pamplona-roger the compress is made by soaking a cloth or gauze in warm water which maybe:
• Sea water or salt water(9 grams of salt per liter of water equivalent to about two heaping of teaspoons coffee)
• Horsetail preparation made, made with 100 to 150g of the herb per liter of water. The horsetail is rich in silicon, a mineral that stimulates the regeneration of the skin collagen fibers.
• Witch hazel preparation, with 30g of leaves per liter of water. It improves circulation and tones the breast tissue.
Temperature – the water or preparation should be lukewarm or slightly warm. Duration – 10-15 minutes
Afterward – dry the breasts and apply a softening cream into the skin. Frequency- once or twice per day
2. Cold showers for the breasts: a cold shower is ideal for the breast for it tones the mammary glands and promotes smoothness. This should be done in the morning by directing stream of cold water at each breast making circular movements. This should be done for about two minutes twice or once per day.
3. Breast massage: this promotes the drainage of blood circulating through the veins and lymph drainage. This will improve tissue nutrition and firmness. Massage should be done gently towards the armpit.

Factors that increase the risk of cancer:

According to Doctor Pamplona in his book ‘Health Body’ there are several factors that can lead to cancer:
1. Genetic mutation: it is estimated that 5% of all breast cancers are related to a hereditary change in these two genes, which are charged with stopping cell growth: BRCA1 (found in chromosome 17) and BRCA2 (found on chromosome 13).
2. Hormones: hormone replacement therapy, usually given as patches after menopause (especially the combination of estrogen and progesterone) increase the risk of breast cancer. Taking oral contraceptives (the pill) over a long period of time also increases the risk, although to a lesser degree than hormones for menopause.
3. Alcohol consumption: Even in socially accepted low doses, alcohol increase the risk of cancer. It has been shown that for every 10g of alcohol (half a glass of wine) per day, the risk of breast cancer increases by 7%. Women who drink 35-44g of alcohol per day (considered a moderate dose) have a 32% greater risk of breast cancer than those who do not drink.
4. Obesity: the higher the body mass index (BMI) the greater the risk of breast cancer, especially after menopause. It is estimated that women who weigh more than 82.2kg (181pounds) have nearly triple the possibility of developing breast cancer compared to those who weigh less than 58.7 kg (129 pounds).
5. Breast size: Women who have large breasts should dedicate more care to breast cancer prevention, due to their increased risk of having it before menopause.
6. Exposure to ionizing radiation: such as radiation therapy used for acne treatment, hypertrophy of the thymus or Hodgkin’s lymphoma. When radiation exposure occurs before age 20, the risk is greater. However, there is research that shows that radiation therapy used for breast cancer treatment does not increase the risk of the healthy breast becoming malignant.

Diet and breast cancer prevention:

According to the Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev.2008, adolescents and young women who eat more red meat increase their risk of premenopausal hormone-dependant breast cancer. (Processed meats such as sausages, ham, pork and hamburger are most linked to the higher risk of breast cancer).

Foods to consume for health breasts

1. Olive oils and avocado. These contain monounsaturated fatty acids that are special to the breast.
2. Eat foods that have good source of polyunsaturated alpha-linolelic acid (ALA) e.g. Walnuts and different seeds.
3. Consume soy, tofu and soy drinks due to their isoflavone content (vegetable estrogen that act like partial antiestrogen).
4. Fresh fruits and vegetables
5. Raw garlic
6. Nonfat yogurt
Points to note:
Male breast: even if male breast cancer is not common, men should not ignore breasts because it is usually very malignant and aggressive.
Reason you must see a doctor:
  • Abnormal discharge of milk, blood or pus from nipple
  • Retraction, scabbing or itching of the nipple
  • Asymmetrical appearance of the breast
  • Creasing, dimpling or orange –rind appearance of the breast

Disclaimer: the above information is for education purpose and is not intended to replace medical functions of a health professional in anyway, either in diagnosing or treating medical conditions. The writer of the article will not take responsibility arising from the inappropriate use of the foods stated therein.